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Association of Polish Archivists

The Gdańsk Branch

About us

Association of Polish Archivists (the Gdańsk Branch) is a scientific and professional organization uniting archivists and those with a passion for history and archive studies from the Pomerania region.
The Gdańsk Branch of the Association was founded on June 14th, 1965. At the moment its activities are based on the Statutes passed during the XIV National Congress of Delegates of the Association of Polish Archivists on September the 8th, 2012.


Aims of the Association

  1. to disseminate knowledge about archives and records and how to deal with documentary evidence;
  2. to improve vocational qualifications of archivists and their general knowledge;
  3. to integrate an archival community;
  4. to support initiatives undertaken by archivists in the region;
  5. to develop and promote initiatives, approaches and practices which provide opportunities for the development of archive studies and allied disciplines; to increase the recognition and public standing of the archival profession and archival issues;
  6. to contribute to proper preservation of national archival heritage.



The Gdańsk Branch of the Association of Polish Archivists was founded on June the 14th 1965 during a meeting in the Voivodeship State Archive in Gdańsk. The founders included dr. Czesław Biernat, Teresa Węsierska-Biernatowa, Jan Biernat, Wanda Klesińska, dr. Maria Sławoszewska, Czesław Stodolny and Józef Wiśniewski.



Authorities of the Association of Polish Archivists, the Gdańsk Branch

Board of Directors of the Gdańsk Branch (2017-2022):

Monika Płuciennik – President
Lukasz Grochowski – Vice President
Jolanta Musiał – Vice President
Hanna Jaszkowska – Secretary
Jolanta Taras – Treasurer
Dorota Dyczyńska – Member
Karolina Mizerska – Member

Audit Committee of the Gdańsk Branch:

Karol Wardański – Chairman
Tomasz Szymański (2017-2018), Katarzyna Stodolna (2019-2022) – Member
Henryka Rakoczy – Member





Regular membership is open to individuals who are engaged in archival activities and whose membership candidature – together with their written declaration supported and signed by two members of the Association (having at least two years of membership) – submitted and approved by the Board of the Gdańsk Branch.

The membership fee is 20 PLN per year and is collected by the Treasurer of the Gdańsk Branch.

Contact us

Contact us

Please contact us at: gdansk@sap.waw.pl. We will answer as soon as possible.

Stowarzyszenie Archiwistów Polskich
Oddział w Gdańsku
ul.Wałowa 5
80-858 GDAŃSK

tel. 58 301-74-64

fax: 58 301-83-66